Catered Fit has been delivering organic, non-pasturized, cold-pressed juices since 2014. Our cold-pressed juices are available to members with Daily Delivery. They're made from locally grown fruits and vegetables and sourced from local juicers. Enjoy cold-pressed juice delivery when you add a daily juice to your Catered Fit meal plan.

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Sample Juice Options

Cold-pressed juices are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and help you to consume the recommended 10 servings of daily fruits and vegetables. The nutrients in fresh juices are absorbed very quickly into the bloodstream since and have been known to boost both your energy levels and your immune system.

Fresh juice delivery from Catered Fit allows you to enjoy the taste and nutrients of cold-pressed juices without the hassle of cleaning your juicer or paying the price tag at your local juicery. Add one of our nine 100% organic juices to your meal plan each day when you purchase the cold-pressed juice add-on. Flavors include favorites like Turmeric Sunrise (ginger, orange, pineapple, turmeric juice), Miracle Cure (celery and lemon juice), Green Machine (kale, pineapple, spinach juice), and 24 Karat (carrot, orange, ginger juice).


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Juice Delivery Pricing

Catered Fit’s organic cold-pressed juices are prepared fresh and delivered daily to customers. Enjoy one cold-pressed juice for the duration of a 5 day meal plan for just $40 per week. Our weekly meal plan is 5 days and is delivered Sunday evening through Thursday evening for consumption Monday through Friday.

Order Your Fresh Prepared Meals and Juices Today!

Start enjoying the many benefits of vegan cold-pressed juices by starting your Catered Fit order! First, choose a meal plan that fits your lifestyle. Choose from our Classic, Paleo, Meatless, or Combo meal plans. Next, add-on cold-pressed juices to receive one daily cold-pressed juice with your meal delivery. Lastly, await your delivery and enjoy!