Our Paleo meals are exactly what nature intended. These high-energy, ready to eat paleo meals focus on lean meats, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, moderate amounts of sweet potato and is free of grains, dairy, and processed foods. Paleo meals are gluten free, diabetic friendly, and the most efficient way to trim down and tone up. The chefs at Catered Fit create a paleo menu every week with new items so you’re always trying interesting dishes and never feeling deprived.

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What is a Paleo Diet?

Also known as the caveman diet, a paleo diet is based on consuming whole, unprocessed foods and avoiding grains and dairy, similar to how cavemen would have eaten. At Catered Fit, your premade paleo meals include proteins such as herb seared chicken, citrus seared salmon, grilled churrasco and more. Each meal also includes fresh fruits and vegetables such as sautéed green beans, parsnip fries or even an apple and nut stuffed sweet potato.

People who consume paleo diet meals tend to lose weight while developing leaner muscles, stay fuller longer, and experience less inflammation. You may even notice yourself sleeping better at night.

Prepared Paleo Meal Nutritional Information

PROTEIN 30-40g 35-45g
CARBS 15-35g 25-45g
FAT 15-25g 18-30g

Our chefs specifically design paleo prepared paleo meals so that you are hitting nutritional targets each time you eat.

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Available Paleo Add-ons

Our add-on options, available to daily delivery members, simplify meals for the entire family. Have freshly prepared paleo desserts delivered fresh to your door along with your paleo meal plan and save time by adding cold brew coffee, cold-pressed juices, or snacks.

Paleo Home Delivery Options

Our food is delivered fresh, never frozen right your door. We make it easy to customize your paleo meal delivery service with the ability to build customize with add-ons like cold-pressed juices or paleo friendly desserts.

Subscribers can choose from a weekly or monthly meal delivery plan. Our plans offer a choice of 3-5 meals delivered to your door daily. Check out the chart below for easy ordering options.

About Catered Fit

Catered Fit does all the work in the kitchen, so you don’t have to! Our easy to use member portal makes it simple to customize meal plans and manage delivery days. Learn more about how Catered Fit works.

Our friendly customer service team is ready to help you get started. Call us at 855-400-CFIT or email us at for more information about meal plans and delivery.

Paleo Meal Plan Reviews

"My husband and I are professional adults with super active lifestyles. We used to eat out all the time, which was so unhealthy. As a 13 year brain cancer survivor, we both committed to eating healthy by joining Catered Fit and eating the Paleo meal plan. It fits perfect with our active lifestyle...pop our meals in the convenient oven and gourmet meals ready in ~15 minutes! 2 years later and we feel and look younger than we did 10 years ago! Thank you, Catered Fit!"

- Stephen, FL

"I can't even begin to describe how happy I am with Catered fit. The food has been quite delicious! I'm going on my 3rd week of delivery, and it has been consistently amazing. I am recommending it to all my friends and family! It is awesome not to have to worry about meal prepping and cooking during the week. I have even leaned out a bit. I have been doing the Paleo men's portion, and I am never hungry. With working out 3 to 4 times a week, I feel great on this program."

- Heather, CA

"Makes eating / cleanup for a busy professional easy. Very happy to see paleo friendly options! Between uber eats and groceries I was spending so much $$ on food a month. This was an amazing service that solved that and saved me time with cooking for a couple months."

- Shelby, CA

"I've been using their paleo plan for two months and lost the 8 pounds I wanted in 4 weeks. Food is tasty and varied. Plan to continue using them indefinitely. Good value, creative cuisine, excellent service, great food"

- Rick, CA