Our pescatarian option is for those who want to exclude meat but enjoy seafood, plant-based proteins, eggs, and dairy. All of our seafood is wild caught and never from Asia or the Gulf of Mexico. Upon request, this meal plan can come in larger portions for more active individuals and those with a larger appetite or be made Paleo style for those who want to exclude grains, dairy, and processed foods from their diet.

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Benefits of a Pescatarian Diet

Rich in fish and seafood, a pescatarian meal plan has a wide array of health benefits. Fish is an excellent source of protein and vitamin B12, both essential for losing weight and building strong bones. A pescatarian diet also tends to be higher in omega 3’s, which not only helps fight inflammation but also helps fight dangerous belly fat and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Pescatarian Meal Plan Nutritional Information

PROTEIN 20-30g 24-36g
CARBS 25-35g 30-42g
FAT 12-24g 14-28g

Our pescatarian meal plan is carefully designed by expert chefs who ensure that you are sitting down to a nutrient-rich meal every time you eat.

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Sample Pescatarian Meal Plan

Our chefs develop new menus every month, and each week you’ll be able to customize your own mouthwatering pescatarian meal plan. With three different options for each breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you will have no problem discovering healthy pescatarian meals that will keep you satisfied. Two out of three of the options will have a seafood item with one option to choose a vegetarian or vegan meal.

Available Pescatarian Meal Plan Add-ons

Your customized meal plan doesn’t have to stop at breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Expand your pescatarian meal plan adding cold brew coffee, cold-pressed juices cold-pressed juices, snacks or dessert. Simplify mealtime for the entire family by also adding kids meals to your plan.

Pescatarian Meal Delivery Options

Our food is delivered fresh, never frozen, right to your door. We make it easy to customize your Pescatarian meal plan with the ability to build your plan with as many add-on options as you like. For only $1 more per meal, portions can be upgraded to an athlete size portion. Our athlete portions include an additional 20% more protein, carbs, and veggies than the mens portion, perfect for keeping your busy body fueled.

Members on a combo meal plan can choose from either a weekly or monthly package. Our combo meal plan delivers between 2-5 freshly prepared meals daily. Our combo meal plan is designed for people who are interested in variety and want the option to chose from all available daily menus! Check out the chart below for easy ordering options.

About Catered Fit

Catered Fit does all the work in the kitchen, so you don’t have to! Our easy to use member portal makes it simple to customize your pescatarian meal service and manage delivery days. Learn more about how Catered Fit works.

Our friendly customer service team is ready to help you get started. Call us at 855-400-CFIT or email us at for more information about meal plans and delivery.

Pescatarian Meal Plan Reviews

"I've been using Catered Fit for more than a year, and I continue to love it. I am a pescetarian, so I eat primarily their vegetarian meals and some of their meals with fish. They are almost always great. There's lots of variety, and they use many unusual ingredients, so I've had a chance to try lots of different vegetables. Although the meals are pretty low calorie (usually around 300 calories), they are sufficiently satisfying. I look forward to my meals every day."

- Linda, FL

"Catered Fit has helped me transition from a meat-based diet, to a pescatarian diet, then vegetarian, and finally, vegan! I loved the variety each menu offered and am so happy with how simple it was to gradually reduce my meat intake with Catered Fit."

- Katie, FL