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Since 2010, Catered Fit has grown into one of the most popular meal delivery services in Miami. Each day, we serve thousands of Miami individuals and families with affordable prepared meals using local produce, hormone free meat and fresh seafood from the Gulf. Whether you are looking for a paleo, keto or meat free meal plan, there is something for everyone. Our most popular plan, the Combo plan, allows subscribers to mix and match from all of our plans if you would like a little something from every plan!

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Miami-Dade Meal Delivery Service Areas

Catered Fit provides healthy meal delivery to those who live and work in ​Miami​. Serving cities including Miami, North Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, North Bay Village, Hialeah, and Doral, we make delivery flexible whether you'reat home or on the job.

A full list of our Miami service area zip codes are below:

zipcodes: 33146, 33145, 33147, 33150, 33149, 33154, 33153, 33156, 33155, 33158, 33157, 33160, 33162, 33161, 33166, 33165, 33168, 33167, 33170, 33169, 33173, 33172, 33175, 33174, 33177, 33176, 33179, 33178, 33181, 33180, 33183, 33182, 33185, 33184, 33187, 33186, 33189, 33188, 33190, 33194, 33193, 33196, 33199, 33242, 33239, 33106, 33206, 33010, 33013, 33012, 33015, 33014, 33016, 33018, 33031, 33030, 33033, 33032, 33035, 33034, 33039, 33055, 33054, 33056, 33195, 33090, 33092, 33101, 33109, 33112, 33116, 33114, 33119, 33122, 33126, 33125, 33128, 33127, 33130, 33129, 33132, 33131, 33134, 33133, 33136, 33135, 33138, 33137, 33140, 33139, 33142, 33141, 33144, 33143,

If you don’t see your neighborhood on the map, check out our ​services page to see all of Catered Fit’s delivery areas.

Miami Meal Delivery Plans

Catered Fit has a wide array of healthy meal plans designed to keep the beautiful people of Miami feeling young and staying active. All of our meals are delivered fresh each day using only the best ingredients and can be tailored to fit your preferences. If you prefer to mix and match from different plans, be sure to check out our most popular plan, the Combo plan!

Each meal plan allows for up to four exclusions so you know that each delivery is customized to fit your preferences. Each meal plan can be tailored for specific diets including:

Miami Meal Delivery Plan and Pricing

If you have been searching for fresh and organic food delivery near you, look no further. Catered Fit delivers nutritious meals to our Miami subscribers each day that are never frozen. Catered Fit offers flexible plans to fit every schedule. Food delivery subscribers can choose 2 meals a day on our combo plan or 3-5 meals a day with our weekly and monthly plan.

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About Catered Fit

Catered Fit simplifies your meal prep by taking care of the planning, shopping, chopping, cooking and delivery! Our member portal makes it easy to customize your meal delivery service and manage delivery days. Learn more about how Catered Fit works.

Our friendly customer service team is ready to help you get started. Call us at 855-400-CFIT or email us at for more information about meal plans and delivery.

Catered Fit Reviews

"I've tried at least 5 different meal prep services and I can honestly say these are the best I've ever had... I can't get enough of the meals or say enough good things about my experience so far. The meals are delicious, perfectly portioned, fresh, and offer such great variety. I'll be using this service for a while... I'm actually upset I didn't discover Catered Fit sooner!"

- Nicole S., FL member

"Amazing meal prep service! I have tried many meal prep services. Some come frozen and others are delivered once a week and you have to hope they don't go bad. You don't have to worry about that with Catered Fit. Meals are fresh and delivered daily. There are many meals to choose from on a daily basis. They all taste amazing. I cannot say enough. Truly the best meal prep service!"

- Martin S., FL member

"I really love Catered Fit Paleo Meal Plan. It is so easy to eat healthy and control portions and calories. I used it several years ago and it helped me lose 120+ pounds. Unfortunately some of that found it's way back so I am counting on Catered Fit to help me get back to fit!"

- Denise S., FL member