Catered Fit meals are prepared fresh and so are our add-ons which are available for daily delivery members! Our snacks, desserts, coffee and teas are all prepared fresh in house with fresh and natural ingredients and include options for our friends on paleo and vegan diets, too! Wondering about our cold-pressed juice? Those are sourced from local businesses, made with local produce, and are prepared fresh each day for your enjoyment. For now, add-ons are only available as part of our Daily Delivery meal plan.

The best part is that you get to choose your add-ons from our add-on menu! For example, if you add snacks to your delivery, each day you'll get to choose two snacks from 12 different options like our Fresh Tuscan Mozzarella Salad, BBQ Snack Mix, and Vegan Buffalo Chik'n Dip with Veggie Sticks!

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No meal is complete without something sweet. Enjoy desserts made fresh from scratch.

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Two healthy snacks each day are just what you need to complete your meal plan!



It can be difficult to get through the afternoon slump without reaching for snack options that aren’t always the healthiest. At Catered Fit, we know that the most tempting times to give into cravings is in between meals. That’s why we offer nutritious, ready-to-eat snacks that can be added to any daily delivery plan. (And yes, we said snacks, as in TWO!)

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Hand delivered each evening in a cooler bag with ice for the next day’s meal enjoyment. Add snacks, desserts, coffee or tea, and cold-pressed juices to your daily delivery plan! Available in areas surrounding our local kitchens in Florida.

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Doorstep delivered once weekly in an insulated box with ice to keep the meals fresh! This is available to areas from Texas to New York. Meals are packaged using a vacufresh seal that preserves the quality and freshness without pumping in anything artificial.


What if I Have Food Allergies or Dislikes?

Every member can avoid receiving items not to their liking by selecting their individual meals. For Daily members we allow 4 exclusions at no cost to you. For Daily deliveries if a member does not select their meals they will receive the Chef’s choice options which will exclude any items they have listed for omission. For Weekly deliveries if a member does not select their meals they will receive meals based on the preferences they have set. Weekly deliveries do not allow for exclusions so each meal selected will be delivered as described with no substitutions. These exclusions are intended for dislikes only. For example, excluding ginger will exclude an item like “ginger fried rice”, however it will not exclude ginger as an ingredient in sauces and seasonings. We are a production kitchen which processes dairy, nuts, soy, eggs, and gluten and cross contamination is possible. We do not suggest our service for those with severe allergies.

Are Catered Fit’s Meals Low in Sodium?

Our meals are very low in sodium and contain only moderate amounts of all natural Kosher sea salt. This makes our meal plans perfect for those with high blood pressure.

How Long Do the Meals Last?

Our meals are all natural, free of preservatives and are on your doorstep within hours of being cooked. Our meals will last a maximum of 3 days in the refrigerator and do freeze extremely well.

Are Catered Fit Meals Natural?

Absolutely! All of the ingredients used in our meals are o-GMO, free of hydrogenated oils, modified starches, high frctose corn syrups, man-made dyes, preservatives, white flour, white sugar & table salt. All of our meats are local, no hormones or antibiotics used, and humanely raised. Our produce is always local and comes in fresh daily! Additionally, our seafood is always wild caught and never from Asia.